GaeaFamilyWho we are

We are quite the eclectic group.

We are artists, surfers, writers, parents, fishermen, musicians, beekeepers – the list goes on.

Yoga has touched our lives, changed us, forced us to grow and expand. Simply put, we really dig yoga. And we want to share that with you. We look forward to practicing with you



Gaea is Mother Earth. Terra Mater.

(The word is pronounced guy-ah, by the way.)

According to Greek Mythology, she sprang from Chaos and bore two children, Pontius (the sea) and Uranus (the sky), connecting heaven and earth. And we think that’s pretty darn amazing. Gaea is the oldest of the goddesses. The All-Mother.

So if your life is feeling a little chaotic, stop by and get some nurturing, good-energy Gaea love. You think it’s chaos, but who knows what can be born of it?